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Stoppani revisits intra-workout as Kaged Muscle gets ready to break out


When word got out on MusclePharm’s Hardcore Series pre-workout Wreckage, it didn’t take long before Jim Stoppani posted a few videos about a handful of ingredients in his exclusive Pre Jym competitor. While Stoppani didn’t actually name the product itself, the ingredients he talked about definitely had us relating the videos directly to Wreckage. Coincidentally now that Kaged Muscle is getting ready to break out following the reveal of Pre-Kaged and imminent arrival of Re-Kaged, Stoppani has dropped another vaguely related clip.

While it may seem like we’re just trying to make a connection here, the video Intra Workout Revisited has come at a rather interesting time. The YouTube upload goes for around four and a half minutes and sees Stoppani talk about why an intra-workout supplement isn’t necessary if your pre and post-workout products are on point. That is of course the case with the Jym line as you have Pre and Post Jym, and no Intra Jym. The Kaged system on the other hand has Pre-Kaged, In-Kaged and Re-Kaged (post). Stoppani’s statement “intra-workout is really nothing that’s required, if your pre-workout and your post-workout nutrition is taken care of”, is worded quite well as if you relate it to the Kaged line it asks two questions. Are Pre and Re-Kaged formulated properly and if so why does In-Kaged exist? It almost takes you away from the idea of ingredients completely and simply asks why have three when you can have two.

The intra-workout video was uploaded yesterday and as mentioned it just seems to have come at a rather interesting time. Whether Stoppani has been getting questions about intra-workout supplementation or all of a sudden felt the need to revisit the topic. It is quite the coincidence that he has posted the video a few days shy of 13 months since his first intra-workout talk.

Update: A Jym rep has said that Jim Stoppani’s intra-workout video was released in order to help educate fans. It is not about or connected to any specific supplement.