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Lean EFX re-released with its original DMAA formula

lean efx

Formutech Nutrition’s Lean EFX is a supplement or at least a name of a supplement that’s been around for quite some time. The product does in fact date back to the 1,3 dimethylamylamine or DMAA days, when proprietary blends were still in fashion and Formutech were called Fahrenheit Nutrition. Since then the brand has reformulated the fat burner with Lean EFX Refined, obviously without DMAA. Despite the once extremely popular stimulant not being used by almost anyone anymore, believe it or not Lean EFX has returned with its original formula.

Formutech Nutrition has indeed brought back their DMAA Lean EFX, keeping everything the same right from the green tea and bitter orange, down to the size of each of its three proprietary blends. While news of Lean EFX’s return has only just come in this week, the product is already available in a number of retailers. Places like Suppz and Strong Supplements do currently have the DMAA product in stock, although you will want to go with the latter if you’re interested. At the moment Strong Supplements is running a 15% off introductory sale on Formutech’s original Lean EFX dropping it to $31.40 a bottle, a few bucks cheaper than Suppz.

Formutech Nutrition Lean EFX original

lean efx

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