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Fahrenheit graphic dropped in new Formutech Nutrition logo


It’s definitely been exciting and interesting times lately with Formutech Nutrition. First we saw the brand being acquired by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, then just yesterday Formutech dropped a bomb by bringing back their previously discontinued DMAA fat burner, the original Lean EFX. The brand has now unveiled an all new logo, seeing them finally drop the graphic they carried over from when they were known as Fahrenheit Nutrition.

The replacement is what you see in the image above with the graphic being replaced by Formutech’s initials, followed by their full brand name directly below. The colors have also been changed as the almost signature Formutech orange is now officially a part of the logo, and the initials filled with a shade of grey. For now the updated logo has only been revealed, although it probably won’t be long before we start seeing it on the brand’s website and supplements.

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