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Rebranded Magnum Opus bringing a third flavor

magnum opus

With most major rebrands a company will almost always introduce something new. Whether it be an entirely new supplement, size or flavor, a makeover isn’t usually the only thing a rebrand brings. In the case of Magnum we already know their major update has a lot of new products planned, two of which have already been revealed and released with the pre-workout Limitless and sleep aid G-Spring. We can now also confirm that one of the brand’s original supplements is also getting a bit of a change.

Magnum Opus, the brand’s stimulant free pre-workout and/or intra-workout currently comes in a total of two 48 serving flavors in Blue Yasberry and Cellular Punch. Magnum’s big rebrand is in fact going to change that menu, taking it up to a total of three all while keeping the formula exactly the same. The option soon to be added to Opus is the bright orange box pictured above in Orange Dreamsicle. The brand is looking to launch their third Opus some time over the next few weeks, with late next month being the target.

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