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Performix Ion sampler is cheaper than the regular tub

performix ion trial

As promised Performix has released another size for their powerful pre-workout supplement Ion. The product that is a whole lot stronger than it looks was recently said to be getting two more volumes, a trial size 5 serving and a just less than half 20 serving. While the latter has yet to show up, the Performix Ion sampler has officially been launched going on sale at for $9.99.

Usually it is much better value to go for the full size supplement, however in the case of Performix Ion things are the other way around. The significantly smaller product is in fact a 5 sachet box, actually giving you a total of 10 servings not the 5 we expected. The price difference based on that works out to a saving of 25% per serving in favor of the trial size as opposed to the full. From here the wait is now on for the 20 serving Performix Ion as well as the product’s two new flavors, both of which have yet to be named.

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