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Protein Breadsticks adds another to Myprotein’s food department

protein breadsticks

Following on from our post on what has turned out to be exactly what Myprotein have been building up to on social media with their Protein Cheese. We have yet another high protein food from the brand with Protein Breadsticks. Just like Protein Cheese, Protein Breadsticks are exactly what they’re titled, a small pack of high protein breadsticks.

Despite being a high protein snack the new supplement’s macros are of course in favor or carbohydrates more than protein. Packed into each 100g bag you have 31g of protein compared to a massive 52g of carbohydrates with less than 1g sugar, 10g of fat (1.7g saturated) and a total of 428 calories. Those numbers are expected to vary slightly for Myprotein’s wholemeal Protein Breadsticks, as they are based on the classic option. The product has already been added to the brand’s main website where you can now pick up bags of Protein Breadsticks for £2.99 each.

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