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Push Challenge trailer released, Flex Lewis & Neil Hill train 3 hardcore fans

the push challenge

Earlier this week BSN confirmed the coming of what they’ve called The Push Challenge. All we had to go off was that it is a series of videos, and had something to do with three time 212 Mr. Olympia Flex Lewis and his trainer Neil Hill. As promised the brand has now released the trailer for The Push Challenge, explaining exactly what the reality video series is about.

Basically BSN flew in three lucky fans from around the world to train with Flex and Neil for three intense days of workouts. The contestants are Aidan W. from England, Nick V. Australia, and Terence W. from Cleveland Ohio. Based on what’s mentioned in the trailer and on BSN’s official The Push Challenge website, it seems that the three fans are in competition with each other. Who ever trains the hardest or presumably pushes the most, impressing Flex and Neil in the process will win the title of Push Challenge champion.

You can check out the video series’ full trailer above and be sure to tune in every Thursday for a new episode. There are a total of six episodes planned out with the last one due to go online September 10th, the week before the Olympia.

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