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Shadow-X finally surfaces at a rather unfortunate time


One of the most long-awaited supplements is finally finished, after more years than we like to remember. The product we’re talking about is of course Shadow-X, previously known as Crystal-X then before that Project X. The supplement is a pre-workout from Cobra Labs, the brand responsible for the widely known pre-workout The Curse and fat burner The Ripper. Pictures of Shadow-X have been sent in to us, not only confirming the product’s existence but also each and every one of its transparently dosed ingredients.

While Cobra Labs certainly took their time putting together Shadow-X, surprisingly the supplement’s formula isn’t as exciting as expected. In fact after seeing a lot of Kris Gethin’s pre-workout Pre-Kaged lately, Shadow-X actually comes off looking quite similar. In total the latest from Cobra packs eight main ingredients with 2g of beta-alanine, 1g taurine, 750mg leucine, 2g citrulline, 600mg betaine, 350mg caffeine, half a gram of tyrosine and 5mg of olive leaf.

As mentioned Shadow-X does have quite a bit in common with Pre-Kaged, as every one of Shadow-X’s features except olive leaf can be found in Kris Gethin’s pre-workout. To make the comparison even more interesting five of those seven ingredients are dosed quite a bit higher in Pre-Kaged. The two smaller features are beta-alanine and caffeine, which are of course only part doses with more of each ingredient found in the Kaged Muscle intra-workout In-Kaged.

It does seem like pure coincidence that Shadow-X has surfaced around the same time as a product quite similar to it, especially since it’s been in the works for so long. For those after a closer at the formula behind Cobra Labs’ new Shadow-X we have added its label below, although it is just a shot of the bottle which is why it’s not lined up very neatly.

Cobra Labs Shadow-X


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