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Speed X3 trial size packing a total of 10 servings

speed x3

Like every big brand on is doing these days, Lecheek Nutrition has confirmed a new trial size for one of their supplements. At the moment the brand doesn’t actually have any smaller options for any of their products, as opposed to the likes of RSP Nutrition who has trial sizes for well over half their line. Whether or not the upcoming volumes sparks a series of smaller Lecheek supplements, the one option confirmed so far is for their award-winning pre-workout Speed X3.

Currently the product is only available in its original 40 serving tub size, which is of course 40 maximum workouts as Lecheek don’t direct any more than one serving. The smaller Speed X3 will be packing a quarter of what its bigger brother has at a total of 10 servings, with no word yet on price. For now the trial Speed X3 is only listed as coming soon and we can only assume will be launching at

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