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Glutamine peptides not in BSN’s new Syntha 6 RTD

syntha 6 rtd

Following on from BSN’s update to their NO Xplode RTD, a new on-the-go version of their protein powder has also now surfaced. Just like the reformulated pre-workout the Syntha 6 RTD has received a number of changes, both inside and out. While we can’t exactly confirm that the 429ml Syntha 6 RTD is replacing the older 500ml, since BSN has yet to say anything. If you visit their website you will notice the all new supplement is the only premixed protein powder listed with the other one now taken down.

As you will have noticed in the above image pretty much immediately, BSN has drastically changed the look of the Syntha 6 RTD. Not only has it got a more consistent BSN branding similar to the NO Xplode RTD, but it has also been repackaged into a bottle as opposed to a cardboard carton. As mentioned the product does have some differences both inside and out, with the 71ml change in weight highlighted earlier bringing big edits to the Syntha 6 RTD’s formula. The most important number has been kept the same at 40g of protein, however the carbohydrates have been halved down to 8g but with a 1g increase in sugar. The fat has fallen from 6g all the way to 2g (1g saturated), and lastly we have a massive calorie change at 210 compared to the previous supplement’s 280.

There are also some significant changes to the Syntha 6 RTD’s ingredients department, mostly due to it dropping a lot of features. As well as not listing maltodextrin or glutamine peptides any more, BSN has done a lot to the product’s protein forms. Instead of packing seven different types of protein the Syntha 6 RTD now has just the two in milk protein concentrate and whey protein concentrate.

If you need a little bit more information (label below) on BSN’s reformulated Syntha 6 you can check out their website. However if you would rather purchase the supplement it is already available at the likes of GNC, although compared to the 500ml version you will be paying quite a bit more at $53.99 for a case of 12, or $43.19 with a Gold Card.

BSN Syntha 6 RTD 2015 version

syntha 6 rtd

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