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XPI Supplements reformulate Myonox with 560mg of caffeine

xpi supplements

Today we’ve got a new brand to introduce called XPI Supplements, who isn’t exactly new to the industry, just new to us and one that we will be covering from here on out. The brand is known for a number of products with formulas like their protein powder Myotein, brain enhancer Alpha Focus, and the one we are putting the spotlight on today, the pre-workout Myonox. The reason we’re giving Myonox extra attention isn’t because the pre-workout category is the most competitive, but because XPI has recently reformulated the supplement.

Just like the previous XPI Myonox the updated version is packed, with each serving weighing in at 20.52g, adding up to a total of 41g when using the product’s maximum of two servings. While usually we would list the ingredients in the supplement, this time around we’re talking about a pre-workout with 16 different features, which is actually more than 10 less than its predecessor. Instead of going over everything we’ll just mention the new Myonox’s highlights based on the maximum serving. Some of the product’s most attractive or surprising ingredients are 8g of citrulline malate, 2g more than its predecessor. 1g of agmatine sulfate, 6g each of beta-alanine and creatine (2g monohydrate, 1g HCl), 4g taurine and a record-setting 560mg of caffeine. It is also worth mentioning the supplement features the long lasting TeaCrine at 50mg per maximum, further completing the updated Myonox and making it even more impressive as far as variety of ingredients and doses go.

Despite all the changes it does look like the brand has carried over a lot from the original Myonox, meaning fans should find the sequel quite familiar. For those interested the reformulated pre-workout has already been uploaded to XPI’s website where you can read more about the product, and if you decide purchase it for the rather high price of $59.99. Fans of the previous Myonox will also notice they now have more flavors to choose from as instead of just Fruit Punch XPI has put together Blue Raspberry and Watermelon, giving Myonox a menu total of three.

XPI Supplements Myonox


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