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Myobulk adds a gainer to XPI’s already massive line up


XPI Supplements has just added an all new mass gainer to its already massive line up, introducing Myobulk. Like most competitors in its category Myobulk packs big amounts of protein and carbohydrates, giving it a total of 700 calories. From top to bottom per serving the product lists 16g of fat (8g saturated), 90g of carbohydrates (61g sugar, 6g fiber), and a strong 50g of protein. Being a protein formula the sources used to make up Myobulk’s macros are also quite important, which is why XPI has gone with a variety of ingredients.

The sources relied on in the supplement to make up its 50g of protein are whey concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate, micellar casein and milk protein concentrate. As for the carbohydrates, Myobulk features a variety just as big with a blend of dextrose, maltodextrin, the branded Fibersol2, sweet potato, and oat powder and bran. XPI has also thrown in a omega complex which is made up of two ingredients, coconut milk and flaxseed powder. The only other detail worth mentioning is that Myobulk comes in just the one size and flavor at the moment with a Milk Chocolate 13 serving.

While XPI has only just launched Myobulk, fans can already pick the product up direct from its website. The price on the supplement is $49.95, although that is made a whole lot better with the brand’s Halloween discount code “HLWN20”, which actually gives you 20% off. To find out more on the product or even purchase it, as mentioned head on over to XPI’s website at

XPI Supplements Myobulk


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