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Aminomania true to its name with more than just the usual BCAAs


Over the past few weeks the one supplement we’ve been seeing a lot of from Fusion Bodybuilding is their upcoming amino formula Aminomania. The bright yellow product is just as it’s named, some kind of amino formula due to arrive on the first day of next month. Previously that is where our knowledge on Aminomania ended, although this week Fusion has launched a pre-order opportunity for the supplement giving us all the other details.

One of the biggest questions at least we had after Aminomania was revealed, was how different would it be from the brand’s current BCAA solution Agent M? As you’d expect with the name that it has, the difference is that Aminomania focuses more on a blend of aminos as opposed to a heavy dose of BCAAs. Making up each serving of the latest from Fusion is a 5g blend of aminos divided up into 1g each of leucine, lysine and aspartic acid, half a gram each of isoleucine, valine and glutamine, and 250mg of phenylalanine and proline. There are a few additional ingredients also in the product packed into Aminomania’s Muscle Performance Complex with amla, calcium, magnesium, rutin, potassium, vitamin B6, and just outside the blend 1.5mg of Bioperine.

You can see the supplement’s complete list of ingredients and doses in its facts panel below, and if you like what you see Aminomania is now up for pre-order direct from Fusion in Blue Raspberry and White Grape for $49.99.

Fusion Bodybuilding Aminomania


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