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Body Nutrition introduce another with Birthday Cake Trutein

birthday cake trutein

The last new flavor we saw from Body Nutrition was actually for their amino formula Aminolution with Superfruit. Before that it was another addition to the brand’s signature supplement, the widely known protein powder Trutein. Body Nutrition is now back adding to Trutein once again, introducing an entirely new flavor to the product. If you’ve ever purchased Trutein before you’ll know the supplement is not short on variety, with recipes like Pumpkin Pie, Mocha Caramel and Red Velvet Cake.

The protein now comes in one more flavor thanks to Body Nutrition’s latest effort which sees them attempt the increasingly popular Birthday Cake. While you can grab the latest Trutein from the brand’s own website in 2 and 4lb tubs as well as a sample, Best Price Nutrition is also already listing Birthday Cake Trutein and for quite a bit less.

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