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Carb Killa finally getting a much deserved second flavor

carb killa

When Grenade introduced their second high protein snack the Carb Killa, the most surprising part about it was that the brand only gave it one flavor. Soon after the product was released we were fortunate enough to taste the delicious Grenade treat, quickly becoming big fans of the bar. Our own experience with Carb Killa left us thinking with a hit like that on their hands, Grenade would have to be working on or at least planning more flavors for the future.

As it turns out the makers of Thermo Detonator have been doing exactly that as a second option for Carb Killa has been confirmed. While we don’t yet know the name of the flavor, if it’s anything like Caramel Chaos you won’t be disappointed. The big reveal of the next Carb Killa is expected to take place some time over the next week or two, so if you’re a Grenade fan be sure tuned.

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