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D4 Thermal Shock carried over to Cellucor’s G4 Series

d4 thermal shock

While not every one of Cellucor’s 2014 supplements were immediately transferred over to the G4 Chrome Series, we have seen a handful come over since the updated line was launched. Not too long ago we saw the flavored Super HD make the jump, where it was both rebranded and reformulated. Another Cellucor product has now made the move to the G4 Series with the all new D4 Thermal Shock.

As you can see in the image above the brand has successfully updated the label of the high energy fat burner, giving it the smoother G4 Series theme. As for the contents of the new D4 Thermal Shock, fans of the current formula will be pleased to know nothing has changed. Ingredient for ingredient and dose for dose, the G4 Series D4 is the same as its predecessor. Both sizes of the supplement also still appear to be intact with the regular 60 capsule and double size 120 count.

At the moment a lot of stores are just not listing D4 Thermal Shock or still clearing out stock. Presumably making room for the different looking G4 Series version which is currently available direct if you don’t mind Cellucor’s high prices.

Cellucor G4 Series D4 Thermal Shock

d4 thermal shock

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