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Make it a movie weekend with Ben Pakulski’s Defined for $17.99


Today is Friday August 7th, which not only means it’s the end of another week but also that Ben Pakulski’s new film Defined has been released. As promised following on from last night’s premier, Defined is now available from the movies official website If you’re like us as soon as you get the news you’ll probably head on over there and grab it straight away. The team behind Defined has made the purchasing process quite simple, and cost effective if you haven’t seen Pak Man’s other movie The Debut.

For those just after Defined you can grab it for $17.99, or for an extra seven bucks get both Defined and Pak Man’s original The Debut. Once you’ve completed your order you will then get a confirmation email with links to the film/s. From there you can choose to either watch Defined or The Debut through VHX, or download digital copies with a number of resolutions to choose from for anything else.

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