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Joint Support and Liver Cleanse make it 10 for the GAT Essentials Series

gat essentials

Earlier today we posted about a couple more supplements being added to the GAT Essentials Series. The two products were Garcinia and Tribulus, both capsule formulas and both already available on the brand’s website. Believe it or not the Essentials Series has grown again today as two more supplements have just joined the line. Making it a total of ten for the brand’s basic family are Liver Cleanse and Joint Support, two formulas that are a little bit more than individual.

Starting with the detox product of the two Liver Cleanse GAT has put together a combination of six ingredients with milk thistle, betaine, turmeric, vitamin C and E, and selenium. As for the self-explanatory Joint Support, it features one ingredient less than Liver Cleanse with five in glucoasmine, chondroitin, collagen hydrolysate, Indian frankincense and hyaluronic acid. For those wondering what the doses are for Liver Cleanse and Joint Support’s contents, they are both 100% transparent and like all the other GAT Essentials now available direct from the brand.

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