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GAT Essentials Series grows by two with Garcinia and Tribulus

gat essentials

Ever since the GAT Essentials Series was introduced it’s been growing at a rate of almost one new supplement a week. Last time we checked in the line was sitting at a total of six with Glutamine, Creatine, Men’s Multi + Test, BCAAs, Agmatine, and the most recent addition, Beta Alanine. The GAT Essentials Series has now got two more products on its list seeing the brand continue their streak of basics or individual formulas.

The latest two supplements to join the line are the weight loss ingredient Garcinia and testosterone boosting Tribulus. Both products are fairly straightforward with Garcinia packing 1.667g of garcinia (60% HCA) in each of its 30 servings, and Tribulus with 750mg of its title ingredient per capsule. As per usual the latest supplements from the brand are already available on their website with Garcinia now available at $17.49 and Tribulus at $16.09.

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