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ISO Amino on sale for $16.66 a bottle at TF Supplements

iso amino

One of the few supplements we’re always happy to share deals on regardless of whether or not it’s for a new flavor, is MAN Sports’ ISO Amino. You may have noticed we commonly refer to the product as the best tasting amino on the market, a title ISO Amino undeniably deserves. Thanks to its handful of candy like flavors no other amino comes close to the supplement’s variety and taste. As good as ISO Amino’s reputation is that’s not why we’re bringing it up. Today we’ve got a sale to highlight as for a limited time the product is in fact available at TF Supplements with a buy two get one free deal.

The store’s regular price on ISO Amino isn’t overly good, however when you work in the promotion it drops the supplement down to just $16.66 a bottle. While TF Supplements doesn’t have all of ISO Amino’s flavors as they are missing the latest one, Pineapple Express. There are still plenty to choose from with a total of eight, or seven as Dorks is already sold out. Like all good deals the TF Supplements ISO Amino offer won’t be around forever, so if you’ve been waiting for a chance to stock up here it is.

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