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Jack3d reformulated with PurEnergy and Higenamine for Australia


USP Labs fans down under can soon expect to see an all new Jack3d on shelves, as a reformulated version for the area has been put together. Like quite a few countries around the world, Australia doesn’t allow the sale of products containing yohimbe which is one of the ingredients in the brand’s pre-workout. Usually that means companies just remove the stimulant, however USP Labs being the brand that it is hasn’t taken the easy way out. Instead of just removing the difficult ingredient, a very different Jack3d has been crafted.

Compared to the US original, the Australian version of Jack3d has one less ingredient with a total of seven. Of those seven there a handful that will seem familiar and some that won’t. The most interesting additions that have been thrown in to make up for the loss of yohimbe are higenamine HCl, and the PurEnergy matrix made up of caffeine anhydrous and pterostilbene. As for some of the features that have been carried over you have all the usuals such as beta-alanine, citrulline and BioCRE creatine.

You can check out the reformulated version’s label below and expect to see it in stores soon, as USP’s distributor Flush Fitness is launching the supplement later today.

USP Labs Jack3d, Australian version


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