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New Game Day and more on the way from MAN Sports

man sports

While MAN Sports did only just release a new supplement last week with their muscle-builder Delta XT. It appears the brand is already on to another one, or quite possibly another two. Today MAN has dropped a sneak peek at what could be one or two test batch products, along with the quote “never stop improving”. The preview immediately has you thinking the brand is working on a reformulation of some kind, although as you can see in the image there are different tubs in there suggesting there could be a number of different supplements.

Regardless of how many formulas MAN actually has coming, the interesting part for us is that the brand might be reformulating something. Even if there is an entirely new product in there, the idea of something being updated has us a little more excited for one reason. Roughly around this time last year, maybe a few months earlier, MAN announced that despite the loss of Pure PF3 they had enough of the ingredient to keep their pre-workout Game Day the way it is for about a year. Coincidentally just as a preview of a possible reformulation shows up, that estimation of around a year is also up, leading us to believe a new Game Day is highly likely.

Whether or not the updated Game Day is in MAN’s test batch picture, we at least know it is coming and has to be near. Even if it’s not one of the supplements in the brand’s preview, the next couple of months are going to be interesting for MAN fans as the brand is showing no sign of slowing down when it comes to new products.

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