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Nootropics Series bringing five individual ingredient formulas

Nootropics Series

It has certainly been quite some time since we heard anything new from DNA Anabolics, with the last update we had from them being the announcement of the Naturals Series. The brand is now looking to get a bit of momentum going here in 2015 as they have just confirmed yet another new line. Coming soon to the DNA family is the Nootropics Series made up of five different formulas.

With that many supplements in a line as specific as the Nootropics Series is, it’s no surprise the five products in it are all individual ingredient formulas. The self-explanatory names of the supplements are Adrafinil, Piracetam, Phenylpiracetam, Noopept and Oxiracetam. As for the per capsule doses of each item’s one and only feature, in the same order you have 300mg, 800mg, 100mg, 10mg and 750mg.

While the introduction of an all new series and five supplements is plenty to be excited about. DNA fans are definitely going to be treated over the next couple of months as the brand apparently has even more lined for release very soon.

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