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Nutraplanet Vanilla Whey Protein dropped to $6.50 per pound


When Nutraplanet introduced their own line launching 115 different products, one of the big stars was of course the protein powder simply titled Whey Protein. Based on the packaging as well as the prices of everything else in the Nutraplanet line, there was no doubt Whey Protein was going to bring a competitive price point. With 2lbs at $19, 5lbs for $39 and a massive 10lb at $74, the store did just that and has actually now made Whey Protein’s value even better.

For a limited time Nutraplanet is doing a Vanilla Blowout drastically dropping three different sizes of the supplement. The 2lb is at $14.99, 4lb at $28.99 and a 6lb being the best of the bunch by a long way at $38.99, working out to a little less than $6.50 per pound. Like all good sales this one won’t be around forever, so take advantage of it while you can.

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