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PODlife shaker and PODs redefine on-the-go supplementation


Yet another innovative health and fitness solution has popped up on Kickstarter, with this one going by the name PODlife. Like most ideas looking for funding through the website, PODlife is definitely an interesting concept. It’s not exactly a product, more of a lifestyle or service as it combines both on-the-go convenience and supplementation, in a way that at least we haven’t seen before.

Basically there is a PODlife shaker that’s been designed to have what are called PODs loaded into its base. Each POD packs a single serving of grass-fed whey protein broken down in to 24.3g of protein, 2.7g of carbohydrates (2.4g sugar) and 1.6g of fat (1g saturated). Those numbers are all from a Chocolate flavored protein POD, with two others due to be available in Vanilla and Berry. What happens next once a POD has been loaded and the shaker filled with water is you press the button on the side and push the base of the bottle up, then the POD mixes its contents with the water.


The idea is a little more than just a shaker on-the-go, as it also takes away the hassle of sorting out and carrying powders in containers or bags. The big question of course is how much will the PODlife lifestyle cost, with the answer actually being quite surprising. While we don’t know the exact retail price of the shaker or its 12 POD recharge packs, over at Kickstarter right now you can secure yourself a shaker and a protein POD recharge pack for just $22. The value doesn’t compete with the likes of a 2 or 4lb tub of protein and a SmartShake, but the price is a lot better than it could be.

The $22 pack mentioned isn’t obviously the only investment and pre-ordering options available for PODlife, as there are some as low as $11 and as high as $515. You can see them all listed on PODlife’s Kickstarter page where you can also read more about the shaker, its PODs and the brand’s whole story.

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