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Primeval Erosion an arimistane only supplement

primeval erosion

Primeval Labs recently revealed a new supplement that was said to be on its way with the weight loss sounding Primeval Erosion. This week the brand has confirmed exactly what the product is, and while it may have sounded like a fat burner it turns out we weren’t exactly close. Primeval Erosion is in fact another muscle building formula from the brand listing just the one feature.

Each capsule of the supplement packs 50mg of the anti-estrogen ingredient arimistane, something you will also find in the likes of Performax Labs AlphaMax and MAN Sports Nolvadren XT. Squeezed into each bottle of Primeval Erosion is a total of 90 capsules, working out to one months worth if you decide to go with 150mg of arimistane a day. The brand has said their latest has arrived at headquarters suggesting it should be showing up in stores very soon.

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