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The Push Challenge #2: Flex tears and Terrence shares

push challenge

Yesterday BSN released the second episode in The Push Challenge reality video series. As promised at the end of episode one, in the latest from the brand we get a closer look at the contestants Aidan, Nick and Terence and some training. While the three do all get a bit of screen time, the episode is mostly centered around Terrence, his story, and how he got into the world of fitness and bodybuilding.

The video gets into it right from the start as Flex Lewis and Neil Hill take the three BSN fans through their first workout. Bicep curls, lat pull down and seated row are some of the exercises performed in the episode, and as you’d expect at a pretty high intensity. It’s at about half way where the training blends into an interview with Terrence, as the contestant from Cleveland, Ohio goes over his past, and explains why he started lifting.

Compared to episode one, number two is definitely a bit more action packed and inspirational thanks to Terrence, which is just what you need going into episode three. Next Thursday you can expect to see the same kind of action and inspiration as it’s chest day for the team, and it’s Nick’s turn in the spotlight.

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