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Long-awaited Shadow-X coming in at least 30 serving flavors


Last time we posted about Cobra Labs’ all new pre-workout supplement Shadow-X, previously named Crystal-X, there were a couple of things we still did not know. The price of the product was one and probably something we’re not going to find out until Shadow-X officially goes on sale. The other area we didn’t know anything about was options, something we can now confirm.

Like most pre-workouts these days the long-awaited Cobra supplement will be coming in a 30 serving tub, with one being the maximum, giving you a total of 30 workouts at the product’s limit. As for Shadow-X’s menu the brand is expected to have at least two interestingly named flavors available on release in Magic Berry and Neon Tropic. From what we know the pre-workout is still on for launch sometime this month with price being the only detail left to come.

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