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Stimaholic menu gets even more interesting with Red Wine & Apple Pie


Over the past few weeks fans of the Genomyx pre-workout Stimaholic may have noticed something different about the supplement. Previously it was only available in two tastes, both a little bit different from your usual Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry with Red Apple and Blue Colada. Stimaholic has recently actually had two more options added to its menu, doubling its size and adding even more variety to it.

Much like the product’s original two, the new Genomyx flavors aren’t exactly traditional, in fact we don’t think we’ve ever seen them in a pre-workout. Number three and four for Stimaholic are Apple Pie and the even more interesting option Red Wine. is one of the places already stocking both Apple Pie and Red Wine, where for a limited time you will also get a free tub of Genomyx Glycerol with every purchase of Stimaholic.

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