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Introducing 360Cut and its upcoming pump pre-workout 360Pump

360 pump

360Cut isn’t a brand we’ve posted updates on here before, today however is where we start and also introduce its latest supplement. For those that haven’t heard of 360Cut before, it’s a brand that uses its name in every one of its product titles with things like 360Cut, 360Pre and 360Test. While it does already cover most of the popular categories, the all new supplement of 360Cut’s we’re introducing today does in fact see the brand enter an entirely new category.

The latest from 360Cut is officially titled 360Pump, which does of course say everything in its name. The product is a pump pre-workout that follows on from the likes of MTS Vasky and Purus Labs Noxygen by keeping its formula fairly simple. In total 360Pump packs just four ingredients, all transparently dosed, with 1.5g of Hydromax glycerol, half a gram of agmatine sulfate, 100mg norvaline and 125mg of vitamin C. Like all the other straightforward pump formulas 360Cut makes itself even easier to use by coming in just the one unflavored 40 serving tub.

The brand is hoping to have its latest innovation available sometime next month, aiming for the first half a little more than the second. Until then you can check out the complete formula behind 360Pump in its official facts panel below.

360Cut 360Pump


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