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8 of Black Skull’s 12 main products officially listed at

black skull

Earlier in the year the Brazilian brand Black Skull announced that it would be launching its line in the US sometime soon. That time has now come as the online retailer said to be stocking the brand before anywhere else,, has just added eight of Black Skull’s supplements. All of the products are from the brand’s main line, with nothing from the 2015 released Eduardo Correa and Carol Saraiva Series.

While eight is a lot, there are some items from Black Skull’s regular line up that have not been listed. The supplements getting ready for release in the US are the protein powders Whey Zero, Hannibal, Whey4HD, Holy Whey and Monstrous, the fat burner Killer2F, and the basic formulas Creator and BCAA 2500. As for the regular Black Skull products missing from the list, we are without the self-explanatory ZMA, the brand’s other creatine Creatpure, the capsule BCAA, and the recently released glutamine supplement Shield.

While has listed the eight products none of them are available yet, although you can look them over as their descriptions, ingredient labels and options have all been uploaded.

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