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Crea-Swole turns out to be a lot more than just creatine and pump


In our last post on UPS Protein’s upcoming creatine and pump supplement Crea-Swole, we were able to confirm that the product would be weighing in at about 10g a serving. Based on that and the chance that the Australian brand packed Crea-Swole with 5g of creatine, we figured UPS had enough room to come through on the pump side of things. Today we’ve finally got the formula behind the supplement and can confirm we were pretty much spot on with the creatine, although did not see what else is in Crea-Swole coming.

Starting off with Crea-Swole’s title mentioned creatine, UPS Protein has included 4g of creatine monohydrate and an extra half a gram of creatine nitrate. It is after the creatine that the product packs its surprises as the brand has thrown in another seven ingredients. Going from heaviest to lightest, on top of the creatine Crea-Swole lists 1.5g of glycerol monostearate, 1g each of citrulline malate and arginine AKG, 750mg taurine, 100mg caffeine, 10mg vanadium sulphate and 7mg of red capsicum.

As great as it is to see UPS squeeze in the variety of features it has, we are more impressed with the addition of caffeine. While it may rule out the supplement for those who aren’t big fans of stimulants, it does help add an interesting dimension to the possibly one-of-a-kind Crea-Swole. Despite the brand describing the product as a creatine with pump, it’s now more like a lightly caffeinated pump pre-workout with the amount of creatine you need.

UPS Protein are looking to launch Crea-Swole very soon, with the supplement no doubt going on sale through the Australian brand’s own website before anywhere else.

UPS Protein Crea-Swole


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