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Crea-Swole hoping to compete in creatine and pump at 10g per serving


UPS Protein has given us our first look at its upcoming multi-category supplement Crea-Swole. For those that missed the original announcement, Crea-Swole is the Australian brand’s next complex concoction aiming to compete in two areas. The name of the product does give a lot away as it is both a creatine and pump pre-workout formula. Today’s first look doesn’t exactly bring a lot of information, but definitely enough to make things interesting.

As mentioned all we previously knew about Crea-Swole is that it is a two category supplement taking on the roles of creatine and pump. While we still don’t know exactly what ingredients UPS is relying on, we now have its bottle weight which on this occasion does mean a lot more than it usually would. Basically each tub of Crea-Swole tips the scales at 300g, suggesting the brand has given itself plenty of room to properly dose the creatine and pump features.

If UPS has gone for the traditional 30 servings per bottle it leaves the formula with 10g per serving, enough for the classic 5g of creatine and the rest for pump. There is the chance the brand has packed more than 30 servings, which in that case it will be very interesting to see how competitive the product is while trying to cover two categories.

More details on Crea-Swole is expected to be coming in fairly soon, as compared to most other brands UPS tends to be pretty efficient when it comes to releasing new supplements.

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