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GAT PMP versions separated by just 325mg of caffeine

gat pmp

Obviously since we just got the label behind GAT’s new green tea infused Amino GT today, we do also now have the label behind the brand’s pre-workout GAT PMP. For those that didn’t know PMP was confirmed to be coming in two different versions, a stimulant and stimulant free. While the name “stimulant free” does suggest there are a few stimulants in the product, there is in fact only one ingredient that’s removed from GAT PMP for the stimulant free experience.

The one ingredient we’re referring to is of course caffeine, which for GAT PMP is dosed at 325mg. As for all the other features in the supplements, the brand has put together a combination of ten main ingredients. Starting with the 3.125g NO blend you have CarnoSyn beta-alanine, arginine malate, citrulline, citrulline malate, and norvaline. Next is the pump proprietary weighing in at 900mg with agmatine, glycerol monostearate and arginine AKG. Lastly we have the focus and energy features with n-acetyl l-tyrosine, theanine, acetyl l-carnitine and depending on what version you’re looking at, 325mg of caffeine.

For a full list of GAT PMP’s ingredients we have added the regular edition’s facts panel below, although it is a photograph so it’s not as clean as a digital copy but still readable. For those after a look at the stimulant free label, as mentioned it is exactly the same as the one below just without caffeine.


gat pmp

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