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Introducing HD Labs, the soon to be four supplement brand

hd labs

Today we’ve got yet another new brand we’d like to put the spotlight on called HD Labs Nutrition. While not every supplement company we introduce is new to the actual industry, today’s brand is, as HD Labs did only just launch last year in October. They arrived with a small selection of three products, the pre-workout Calibrate, muscle-builder Anadrolic and fat burning formula Prostun. Like most new brands HD Labs is 100% transparent, with all three of their supplements listing doses for each and every one of their ingredients.

Looking at the labels of HD Labs’ products, they all seem to feature fairly straightforward combinations of ingredients. Anadrolic packs a total of six different features including highlights such as 3.12g of d-aspartic acid and 200mg of DIM. The weight loss solution Prostun lists equally familiar ingredients with the likes of higenamine, Pikatropin, caffeine and Infinergy dicaffeine malate. Last but not least is the pre-workout Calibrate which brings together performance features such as beta-alanine, betaine, taurine, as well as a stimulant blend made up of all the ingredients highlighted for Prostun.

While HD Labs do cover a handful of the important categories, they are now getting ready to release another supplement that will actually see them head back into an area they’re already in. The next innovation from the brand is going to be another pre-workout, and will of course be different from their current competitor. HD Labs has said compared to Calibrate their second pre-workout effort will in fact be more stimulant based.

For more information on HD Labs Nutrition and their three current products, you can visit their website at You can also now tune in here for updates on the brand, which will of course include details on their upcoming pre-workout due to be released in the next month or two.

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