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Three new supplements on the way for the Jamie Eason Signature Series

jamie eason pre-workout

Just a few hours ago we posted about Labrada Nutrition launching an all new spin off of its BCAA supplement, with a flavored BCAA Power. We’ve now got news on a bit more from the brand, this time however it’s for the Jamie Eason Signature Series. Last time we saw Labrada add to its athlete inspired women’s line it was late last year with the probiotic formula Skinny Bugs. Almost one year later the brand has confirmed a total of three new products for the line.

The items announced for the already relatively large Jamie Eason Signature Series are two basics, Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) and CLA, and the slightly more interesting supplement the Jamie Eason Pre-Workout. The basics ALCAR and CLA are both fairly self-explanatory, with the former featuring 1g of its title ingredient in each of its 30 servings, and the latter packing 800mg in each of its 90 servings. As for the pre-workout, as mentioned it is definitely the slightly more interesting one of the three.

Unlike ALCAR AND CLA, the Jamie Eason Signature Series Pre-Workout features a lot more than just one ingredient. It is also worth pointing out that the official title of the product is in fact “Stimulant Free Pre-Workout”, which is why its list of contents is missing caffeine. While the Jamie Eason Pre-workout is a complex formula it still manages to keep things simple with a total of four ingredients. Making up the straightforward supplement you have 2g of taurine, 1.5g tyrosine, and 1g each of choline bitartrate and NO3-T citrulline nitrate.

Earlier today when we posted about Labrada’s BCAA Power powder we did direct you to the brand’s website as that is the one place the product is available at the moment. Unfortunately that is not the case for any of the new Jamie Eason Signature Series supplements, as currently they’re only listed as coming soon. With that being said those interested may want to keep an eye on, as the brand’s site does tend to be the first place products are released.

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