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Fifth Performance Series protein will give it all away in its name


More details on Muscletech’s two soon to be released Performance Series supplements have been coming in almost every week. Last Thursday we finally got our first look at the brand’s reformulated version of their more than two-year old amino formula, officially named Amino Build Next Gen. Following on from that, today we have a little more information on the other Performance Series product which is expected to be some kind of protein powder.

The most interesting thing about Muscletech’s yet to be named supplement is that it will be the Performance Series’ fifth protein. With a gainer, extended release, high-end and protein blend already available, there are almost no areas left for the brand to go. Muscletech has now confirmed that the main source of the mystery product is going to be whey, and that its title will give away what makes it so different. While the latest clue still doesn’t really point us in one specific direction, it does give us a few ideas on what the brand has lined up.

If it is Muscletech’s title that will be the tell all for the fifth Performance Series protein, and whey is said to be the base source of the formula, we do have a few guesses. Names like Energy Whey, Hydroxycut Whey or even Gourmet Whey are just some of the self-explanatory few that come to mind. A meal replacement also fits in, although keep in mind the supplement is coming in a 2lb tub size so it is somewhat limited in size.

While it may seem like months since word first came in on the two Muscletech Performance Series additions, we are now just one week away from seeing them at the Olympia. As much as we feel like we already know what to expect from Amino Build Next Gen, the line’s fifth protein powder has left the brand room to surprise. Definitely stay tuned here for more on the products, especially next Friday and Saturday as we will be in Vegas posting live from the Olympia expo.

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