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Nature Sport unveiled with five different supplements

nature sport

Almost one year a go MusclePharm previewed its organic supplement series Nature Sport. Very little about the spin off line was released, just an image showing off one of the products. There were also a couple of trademarks that surfaced, suggesting the pictured Protein could be joined by supplements named Fat Burner and Joint & Bone. We did say at the time that not all trademarks end up being used, which has turned out to be the case as today MusclePharm has officially unveiled Nature Sport showing off five differently named products.

Regardless of what we’ve seen in the past from MusclePharm for Nature Sport, it looks like we’re in for five supplements all belonging to some interestingly described categories. The products confirmed for Nature Sport so far are the daily nutrition formula Nourish, the plant-based protein Thrive. The green tea infused energy supplement Boost, amino and coconut water concoction Recover, and lastly the greens, fruits and vegetables combination, Elevate.

We do have a bit more information on some of the products, although it isn’t much compared to seeing the facts panels for each one. For Nourish we know that it will feature 20g of protein per serving, as well as a whole bunch of vitamins and nutrients. We also know that the planted based protein powder Thrive will have 25g of protein, 4g of fiber and 170 calories per serving. As mentioned we don’t have too many details, however we do suspect more information isn’t far away.

The time frame MusclePharm has put on the Nature Sport series is the always vague “coming soon”. With that being said the Olympia Expo is kicking off tomorrow, where there is a good chance we’ll get to see or hear more on the upcoming product line.

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