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Premium Energy Drink now available online for as little as $2 a can

premium energy drink

We had seen the American Metabolix Premium Energy Drink on a handful of occasions before, however this week you can now finally purchase the product from the brand’s website. While usually an official listing on a site brings all the information you need, it is quite the opposite for the online release of Premium Energy Drink. Basically the fact that American Metabolix has put the supplement on sale at, is where it ends.

All the brand has done is add the product at $3.50 a can or $48 for a case of 24 cans, with a couple of sentences as a description and no facts panel. It is up to you whether you trust American Metabolix and grab Premium Energy Drink without knowing everything that’s in it. From what’s been said however it does just sound like your traditional caffeinated energy drink, with what looks to be 28g of carbohydrates per can.

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