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RSP Whey dropped to an unbelievable $6.24 per pound

rsp whey

Ever since RSP Nutrition launched their protein powder simply titled RSP Whey, it’s almost been non-stop when it comes to deals. The supplement arrived with 30% off both tub sizes, then shortly after that sale ended we were treated to buy two tubs and get a third free. Over the past few weeks things have been relatively quiet however RSP Whey has now got another unmissable deal, that once again is better than the last.

For a very limited time RSP Nutrition’s protein powder is basically 50% off with a buy one get one free promotion. The sale drops the 2lb RSP Whey down from $29.97 to just $14.99 each, and the double size 4lb down from $49.97 to an unbelievable $24.99. If you’re looking for a price per pound, it’s definitely one of the best we’ve seen at $6.24. As mentioned the deal is only available for a limited time, 72 hours in fact, and only at

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