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AllWhey Gold a lot like AllWhey just without taurine, glycine and creatine

allwhey gold

AllMax Nutrition has just unveiled an all new protein powder, introducing a sequel to its blend formula AllWhey. The supplement is officially titled AllWhey Gold, which actually has quite a bit in common with its predecessor. Not only do the two share a similar name, but AllWhey Gold also has very similar macros with the main thing really separating the two being all the extras in the AllMax original.

Starting with the macros, AllWhey Gold features one less gram of protein at 24, the same amount of carbohydrates, sugar and fat at 3, 1 and 1g, and lastly the same amount of calories with 120. Where things get different between the two is near the bottom of the label, as unlike AllWhey, AllWhey Gold doesn’t have an added Omega EFA matrix, or amino blend made up taurine, glycine and creatine monohydrate. The one thing the new product has carried over from AllWhey is a digestive complex, with a two ingredient blend combining protease and bromelain.

With the latest from AllMax has also come a new menu seeing AllWhey Gold listing five flavors, one more than its predecessor. The flavors are all fairly common with Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry, Chocolate Peanut Butter and French Vanilla. For more information you can visit the brand’s website, and expect to start seeing AllWhey Gold on shelves in the near future.

AllMax Nutrition AllWhey Gold

allwhey gold

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