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HIT’s Built Pre-Workout going without creatine or beta-alanine

hit built

HIT Supplements recently announced that it has something pretty big on the way confirming an all new pre-workout that will be the first product from the brand’s new Built Series. HIT is going to be category naming all of the Built Series supplements, with the pre-workout simply being titled Built Pre-Workout. We still don’t know what else the brand has planned for its upcoming line, today however we do have all the details on the product that’s going to launch it.

In our original post on the Built Series we mentioned that HIT said the Built Pre-Workout is its most exciting release to date. Now that we actually have the label for the supplement we can confirm that, as the Built Pre-Workout does looks quite a bit different compared to the brand’s current competitor Igniter Extreme.

Firstly the Built Series product is 100% transparent giving you exact doses for each of its nine ingredients. As for what those nine ingredients are from top to bottom we have 3g of citrulline malate, 1g taurine, half a gram of arginine AKG and tyrosine. 300mg of caffeine, 250mg agmatine, 15mg n-methyl l-tyramine, 10mg yohimbine HCl, and last but not least 5mg of Bioperine.

While the Built Pre-Workout does have most of the common pre-workout features, it’s definitely surprising to see two of the most used ones missing. We are of course talking about creatine and beta-alanine, two ingredients HIT’s Igniter Extreme has a lot of, although also two ingredients Dedicated’s Unstoppable proved you could do without.

You can check out the complete label for HIT’s Built Pre-Workout below and actually expect to see it on sale soon. The brand is aiming to have the supplement available before the month is out in at least two 30 serving flavors, Blue Raspberry and Green Apple.

HIT Supplements Built Pre-Workout

built pre-workout

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