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Carb Killa review: Cookies & Cream proves Grenade didn’t just get lucky

carb killa review

Ever since Grenade confirmed another flavor for its high protein treat Carb Killa, we’ve been wanting to try it out. Before we even found out that is was Cookies & Cream, we were already pretty sure it was going to be a good one. Our trust in the brand and its product is purely based on the quality of Carb Killa’s previously only option Caramel Chaos. We recently managed to get a hold of a few Cookies & Cream Carb Killas, bringing you today’s flavor review of Grenade’s second effort.

Just as we had hoped Cookies & Cream Carb Killa is a lot like Grenade’s Caramel Chaos, in that it is one of the closest things you’ll get to a candy bar. Back when we tried the very first Carb Killa we were treated to an onslaught of chocolate and caramel, with a multi-layer bar that will have you second guessing what you’re eating. The story goes exactly the same in the latest Carb Killa just with an incredibly rich combination of milk chocolate, and what we can only describe as real cookies and cream.

Real milk chocolate

The first part of the flavor that we feel hits you is the milk chocolate. While everything is tightly mixed in together, for a second or two the very real milk chocolate taste dominates the experience. On occasions we have said milk chocolate like or similar to milk chocolate, however this time we really do mean it. The only difference for us between an actual block of chocolate and the first bit of taste in the Cookies & Cream Carb Killa, is that the protein bar’s taste doesn’t last as long and it packs an almost unbelievable 217 calories.

More cream than cookies

As good as the milk chocolate part of the product probably sounds, it in no way overshadows the cookies & cream. The two tastes to the flavor are about as good as each other with the cookies & cream also tasting a lot like the real thing. The fact that Grenade nailed the milk chocolate, putting a fair bit of emphasis on the milk side, allows for the flavor to seamlessly go from a rich chocolate to an equally rich creamy cookie combination.

Similar to the strong milk chocolate taste, Grenade’s cookies and cream mixture is very milk driven which is why we believe it comes off as so rich and real. While we’ve definitely experienced our fair share of massive cookie bits in protein bars, it’s quite nice to see the classic combination with the cream coming through over the cookies. As much as we’ve always appreciated a good concentration of chocolatey bits, we have to admit we actually prefer the sweetness of Grenade’s layer of crunchy cookies topped off with a level of cream.

Carb Killa the real candy bar like protein bar

The fact is when it comes to protein bars, you’ll very rarely see a bad one. Most of them taste pretty good, especially compared to what most diets have on the menu. With all that said Grenade’s Carb Killa really takes things to another level, with the brand’s new Cookies & Cream proving it didn’t just get lucky with Caramel Chaos. As candy bar like as a lot protein bars are described, Carb Killa has shown once again it is the true candy bar like protein bar with only 13.6g of carbohydrates and a solid 23.3g of protein.

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