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CreMax XT adds a pump blend with amentoflavone and glycerol

cremax xt

Following on from our first look at Performax Labs’ upcoming CreMax reformulation, CreMax XT, we finally have the formula behind the updated supplement. For those that missed the last post on the product, the brand was actually able to give us quite a few clues about what’s different in the sequel. As well as promising all the usual creatine benefits, Performax also said the new CreMax XT could also work as a pump pre-workout. Now that we have the supplement’s label we can confirm that, as unlike the original CreMax this time around the brand has included a pump and fullness blend.

Firstly for those that like the current Performax creatine you don’t have anything to worry about, as the brand has pretty much carried over all of its ingredients. Performax has maintained a solid 5g dose of creatine, although for CreMax XT it’s made up of two types of creatine not just one. The brand has also kept on board taurine, betaine and creatinol-O-phosphate, all of which appear to be at higher doses however it is hard to confirm since the original isn’t as transparent as XT. Lastly Performax has held on to an electrolyte blend for its sequel that is of course an improvement on its predecessor’s, with a four ingredient 500mg proprietary, as opposed to a two ingredients at 225mg.

Moving on to the new additions in Performax Labs’ updated creatine formula, as mentioned the product does now have a pump and fullness blend. It is in there where most of the features have been added including glycerol powder and selaginella tamariscina extract (90% amentoflavone). Outside of those two and the improved electrolyte complex, the only other new ingredient in CreMax XT is l-alanyl-l-glutamine which is dosed transparently at 2.5g.

For those after a complete look at the upcoming CreMax XT, as always we have added its facts panel down below. As for when you can get your hands on the supplement Performax Labs has said the sequel will be going on sale in about two weeks time in two 30 serving options, Orange Dream and Unflavored.

Performax Labs CreMax XT

cremax xt

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