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Fit & Lean Brownie review: MHP’s surprisingly better than MuscleMeds’

fit & lean brownie

When we first heard about MHP’s Fit & Lean Protein Brownies, we immediately thought they would be a lot like MuscleMeds’ Carnivor Brownies since they’re from the same company. MHP’s edible effort is of course not beef sourced, however we still imagined the Fit & Lean Brownie would be a familiar experience. Much to our surprise after biting into the Chocolate Fudge flavor we discovered MHP’s Brownie is nothing like MuscleMeds’, in fact we’d go as far as saying they’re quite a bit better.

Unlike the MuscleMeds’ original, MHP’s brownie is available in two flavors with one of those being named the same as Carnivor Brownie’s only option. The recipe they have in common is the one we first bit into Chocolate Fudge, which is of course the one we’re saying is a lot better from MHP. Where it is the Fit & Lean Brownie improves exactly is in the overall sweetness of the flavor.

Chocolate always makes things better

While the Fit & Lean Brownie does still have that chewy, doughy density to it, keeping it somewhat true to its name and separating it from your average protein bar. The product doesn’t come off as thick as MuscleMeds’, resulting in the MHP recipe packing more flavor. As you chew through the brownie instead of the consistency only being mixed with a touch of chocolate. The Chocolate Fudge Fit & Lean Brownie just seems to have more chocolate to it, creating a sweeter overall taste. The chocolate streaks on the top also appear to add extra sweetness to the flavor, with some of the bigger concentrations actually tasting like a real chocolate block, if only for a second or two.

MHP’s other Fit & Lean Brownie flavor is Blondie Chocolate Chip, which for us is the better one of the two. Much like the Chocolate Fudge flavor, Blondie Chocolate Chip has a sweet dose of chocolate, that remains consistent throughout. It is also made quite a bit sweeter when you include as many solid chocolate streaks as you can in each bite. As for what makes Blondie Chocolate Chip so much better than Chocolate Fudge, it is its mixture with all the other tastes that come with your typical blondie recipe. The result is what we can really only describe as blondie like, or possibly caramel like. As the chocolate’s sweetness basically mixes in with everything making for quite the treat or at the very least something, different.

Good, but still not better than bars

Overall the MHP Fit & Lean Brownie is a bit of a surprise. As mentioned in the beginning we kind of expected it to be a Carnivor Brownie repeat, however instated it turned out to be something of an improvement on the MuscleMeds snack. Unfortunately even though the MHP effort is better, improving on the sweetness and getting reasonably creative with Blondie Chocolate Chip. We still feel that there are better protein bars out there, in fact even MuscleMeds’ own Carnivor Bar is more of a treat. We’re not saying either of the Fit & Lean Brownies are unbearable or bad in anyway, it’s just that the healthy brownie attempts don’t outdo bars or offer any benefits to drop down to snack size.

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