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Lecheek drops Speed X3 following picamilon publicity

speed x3

Earlier this week or even before then, a couple posts surfaced about the legality of the common pre-workout ingredient picamilon, also known as pikatropin. As you can imagine bad publicity doesn’t spell good news for the future of an ingredient, as we saw earlier this year with the fall of AMP citrate. While it doesn’t look like everyone’s reacting to the questions around picamilon just yet, Lecheek Nutrition has. The brand has announced that it will no longer be manufacturing its pre-workout Speed X3, or two of its fat burners AMPilean and AMPilean Black, until they’ve been reformulated.

The big question now is will anyone follow in the footsteps of Lecheek? You might remember Lecheek was one of the first to drop its AMP citrate supplements back when all that drama went down, so it’s no surprise it’s one of the first to act for picamilon. If you’re trying to remember whether or not any of your favorite products use picamilon, we’ve actually got a short list of some of the big names that use the ingredient. Two of our favorites would be Myokem’s Nitramine and Pyroxamine, as well as EVL’s ENGN and fat burner Trans4orm, Chaos and Pain’s Aggro and Cannibal Da Vinci, NutraBio’s Pre Extreme V3.0, Core Fury Extreme, and more recently the Run Everything Labs fat burner DTE.

If this whole picamilon situation does end up playing out the way it did with AMP citrate, as you can see there will be a lot of supplements affected. From here all we can do is wait and see, and if it does all go bad make sure you’ve got some money saved away to stock up.

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