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Primeval Labs also entering the stimulant free game with Engorge


Just yesterday Primeval Labs announced that it would be heading into the more mainstream pre-workout category with its upcoming supplement Adrenal Rush. The brand also explained why it decided to hold off on entering the area most companies usually take on first, saying it wanted to build a customer base with other products rather than just rely on a pre-workout. It turns out there is another more mainstream supplement Primeval has coming, as today it has unveiled the stimulant free pre-workout Engorge.

Much like the big reveal of the pre-workout Adrenal Rush, Primeval Labs’ Engorge announcement hasn’t really confirmed anything outside of the name and the product’s category. The only other detail we have which isn’t overly interesting since we don’t have a tub weight to go off, is Engorge’s serving count of 30 per bottle. Next up will likely be more information on the two supplements, then the release that might actually put both on sale at the same time seeing as they were only unveiled a day apart.

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