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Black Skull looking to use Pro Supps’ Mr. Hyde as a title

pro supps black skull

Brazilian Black Skull has called out a competitor once again, although this time it’s not with a comparison to another supplement. Today the brand has unveiled an all new product, that it has yet to confirm a category for. While that may not sound like the brand calling out anyone, it’s when you hear the name of the supplement that you’ll realize the issue. For what ever reason Black Skull has decided to call its latest innovation Mr. Hyde.

If you’re wondering what’s wrong with the name Mr. Hyde then you obviously haven’t heard of the internationally known brand Pro Supps and its signature pre-workout also titled Mr. Hyde. Just to give you a quick run down Pro Supps’ Mr. Hyde has been around for a very long time, it can be found in a number of flavors as well as in RTD and shot form, and is currently available almost everywhere. Because of all this it’s no surprise Pro Supps has a problem with Black Skull using the name, so much so that it dropped a comment on the brand’s Instagram post.

pro supps

In short with words straight from Pro Supps, “We own the name of Mr Hyde in the supplement industry”. Basically it doesn’t sound like Black Skull is going to be keeping the name Mr. Hyde, nor does it give the brand that just became available in the US a good look.

pro supps black skull
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