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Labrada takes out more than caffeine for its stimulant free Super Charge

super charge

Not too long after Labrada Nutrition launched its sequel to Super Charge Xtreme 4.0, simply titled Super Charge, the brand confirmed that there would also be a stimulant free version available at some point. Originally we just assumed the supplement would only be without caffeine, as that is what brands traditionally take out for stimulant free formulas. Over the past week or so the stimulantless Super Charge has finally started showing up, revealing that caffeine isn’t all that’s actually missing.

For those interested in knowing every little detail, Labrada has in fact also removed the product’s 40mg of Advantra Z. You can see proof of this on the brand’s website where Super Charge Stimulant Free doesn’t list caffeine or Advantra Z, and is now on sale for the same price as the regular Super Charge.

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