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Focus powered Goldstar Triple X lands just in front of SP250

triple x

Yesterday we finally put together our full review of Goldstar’s 2-aminoisoheptane pre-workout supplement Triple X. Basically the product turned out to feature the best level of focus we’d ever seen in a supplement, teamed up with just the right amount of energy to get you through. It didn’t deliver too well on performance and pump, however its combination of energy and bar raising focus is more than enough to earn it a spot on our list of top 10 pre-workouts which is what we’re talking about here today.

If you’ve ever tried any of our top five pre-workouts or even read the reviews, you’ll know we prefer the more complete balanced products that deliver in a number of areas. Since Goldstar’s Triple X only really comes through on energy and focus, it doesn’t quite land in the top five. Its combination however is extremely impressive which is why we’ve put it just outside the top five in at number six, right in front another stimulant powered competitor, Gaspari’s SP250.

One the biggest reasons Triple X has earned such a high place is purely because of its redefining level of focus. The pre-workout is incredibly calm although at the same time intense, as the mind altering ability of the supplement mixed with the average dose of energy really makes for incredible workouts.

You can check out the product’s rank on our official top rated page, and it is worth mentioning the placing wasn’t an easy decision. It is in fact very tight between Triple X and SP250, as both are very stimulant driven experiences however Goldstar’s effort we feel is a little smoother and much more balanced.

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